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Not all internet service is created equal. Hotels require the best reliability and speed. Today’s modern guest demands it.

In the days of constantly diminishing guest-room phone revenue, it is important to cut costs wherever possible. Our leading-edge technology makes phone calls cheaper than ever before.

The demands of the modern-day guest require fast, reliable access to the internet. Our guest Wi-Fi solutions are all-encompassing to make complaints a thing of the past. Not only for the next year, but forever.

There are very few things more frustrating to a guest than poor Wi-Fi. In the rare event that a guest has trouble connecting, our US-based support desk is standing by to deliver the high standard service your brand requires, meaning your guests and staff are always a phone call away from technical support with real solutions.

• Right-sized Bandwidth

• Compared availability

• Managed installation

• Full support

• Save money on phone service

• Extensive features

• No upward limits on growth

• Only pay for what you need

• Guest WiFi

• Wired Internet

• Phones

• Business Center

• Design & Planning

• Procurement & Installation

• Ongoing Support

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IT Staffing

If you prefer to have an IT person on staff we can help! We will find the right person for your company's needs.

Hotel Telecom Suite

1. Summary

Telecom developed specifically for hotels.

For Hotels

Our customers don't have to continually invest tens of thousands of dollars in equipment that will immediately lose its value. Get all new equipment every 3 years and eliminate labor bills, site visit charges, equipment replacement fees and upgrade licenses. Furthermore, we monitor your equipment around the clock and fix anything that breaks at no charge (likely before operations staff or guests notice a problem). We pride ourselves on delivering fast, reliable internet directly to hotel operations and their guests for a flat monthly fee.

Why Choose Us?

All our products are billed on a Hardware-as-a-Service (HaaS) model, meaning that you never have to purchase a single piece of equipment. We own, maintain and replace all of your equipment in order to keep up with industry-leading technologies.

For utmost flexibility, we staff on a contracted project basis or can find your company a full time staff member. Staffing through Networkitects ensures that your hires have been vetted by technical exerts and have a working knowledge of our systems, guaranteeing a seamless and interface between your company and ours.

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