You are open 24/7/365. So are we.

Today’s business traveler considers reliable Internet connectivity paramount to his or her hotel selection. Not only will we set you apart from other hotels by delivering the fastest internet, we will also deliver expert, friendly support to your staff and guests. It is important to us that your guests are able to take advantage of the outstanding product we deliver, so we operate a 24/7 US-based support line in order to troubleshoot technical problems related to the services we provide. This means guests can resolve any connectivity issue quickly and, when needed, speak directly with a technician rather than with the front desk.

No matter how good the design or replacement strategy, the potential for equipment failure is a reality no one can completely circumvent. Our network support and monitoring ensure that issues are resolved in the quickest possible manner. We monitor the status of your equipment 24/7/365 so that we can proactively respond to downtime. We are able to fix 95% of issues remotely, and thanks to our equipment monitoring service we often catch our customers' IT issues before they realize a problem existed.

Our Goal: To fix it before it before it breaks

What do you do when disaster strikes?

What does your front desk staff do when a guest calls in needing help connecting to WiFi? What happens if the problem doesn’t get resolved? Few front desk clerks are trained technical support experts. If they are, they rarely have the tools to troubleshoot Internet connectivity issues or network access. Modern-day guests expect immediate solutions. Refer your guests to one of our experts and turn an unsatisfied guest into a repeat customer.

The best support is easily accessible.

Networkitects makes it easy for guests and staff to get assistance. No long waits, no redundant phone menus. You call our support line and immediately speak with one of our technicians.

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Friendly, polite, quick and competent support for your hotel guests.

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