Having the right kind of internet service is as important as the quantity of subscribed bandwidth. At Networkitects, we know that 94% of guests consider WiFi an important amenity when selecting a hotel (2012 Hotels.com Survey). Therefore we only offer the highest tier of internet service – the kind trusted by enterprise businesses, stock trading firms, and universities. Not only do we spend tremendous resources ensuring that our customers have sufficient bandwidth, but we monitor each hotel’s usage 24/7 so that we can promptly increase bandwidth allocation should the demand increase. This kind of flexibility across our entire product package is what sets Networkitects apart.

Even small periods of downtime can ruin a guest’s experience and damage future revenue opportunity. By providing all our hotel customers dedicated internet solutions, we align our customers with other businesses that live and die by internet availability. Guests rely heavily on the internet, and only the hotels that can provide the service levels guests demand maintain relevance in today’s increasingly competitive market.

Dedicated internet isn’t inexpensive. That’s why we bundle all dedicated internet services with our modern cost-saving phone service to offset the expense. Using this model, we are able to provide industry-leading services to our customers in a way that safeguards net operating income.




For Hotels

Super fast and reliable internet services.

Our full package is carefully designed with efficient, thorough cost-benefit-driven allocations.

The modern day guest expects his or her internet not only to work, but to work well all the time.

We only offer the highest tier of internet service – the kind trusted by large businesses, stock trading firms and universities.

2. Dedicated Internet Service

Hotel Telecom Suite